301 Suites – Furnished Rentals

Short- and Long-Term Housing for Film Professionals

Whether you’re a professional in film, television, or theatre, planning trips and searching for accommodation can be quite challenging. Working in the entertainment industry often involves tight schedules, deadlines, and budgets, and it can be difficult to find a place in a desirable location and where you can feel at home.

When it comes to planning an accommodation for directors, producers, actors and any crew members traveling from outside of Toronto, one would often look into extended stays. The shooting time varies depending on a movie and can take from a couple of days to several months. Our short-term suites come furnished, with fully equipped kitchens, new appliances, free WI-Fi, washers and dryers in each unit, modern furniture and balconies. It’s an ideal hotel alternative where you get to feel like at home, cook your own meals and enjoy the beauty of the most creative and unique Toronto neighborhoods, Kensington Market. If you’re interested in staying at 301 Suites for a month and longer and would like to receive a quote, please contact us via the form below.

It’s hard to disagree that Toronto Film industry is booming. The city continues to be a popular destination for high budget film productions and is quickly becoming the epicenter of Hollywood North. Filming in Toronto has lots of benefits. The variety of urban environments and natural landscapes in Toronto is very attractive. One can definitely find a desirable location in this city and mimic almost any environment. Another reason why directors choose Toronto is the abundance of tax credits in Ontario. The federal government covers a percentage of labor costs, production expenditures and gives tax credits for animations and special effects in Ontario.