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Kensington Market, Toronto’s Most Unique Neighborhood

Kensington Market is the best place in Toronto for authentic food spots, street art and vintage stores. It’s a multi-cultural, bohemian and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. It is also one of the oldest and most well-known areas in Toronto.

There are many art-shows and music events happening annually. Most of the happenings take place in the summer. For example, Pedestrian Sunday is a car-free festival that happens once a month in the summer and turns the streets of Kensington Market into a platform featuring local artists, musicians, and independent businesses. It’s a chance for the community to celebrate the neighborhood and showcase their creative work.

The Market is also home to a big number of bakeries, coffee shops, cheese shops and specialty grocers. There are a lot of trendy bars and international restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining. For those who enjoy live music or want to go out to dance on a weekend, there are venues and nightclubs that have shows every weekend as well as on certain days during the week.

A unique architectural detail of Kensington Market are the extensions built onto the front of many buildings that are not permitted in other areas of Toronto. One always feels welcome in this neighborhood, it feels like it’s living by its own rules and gives a feeling of freedom to those who feel like escaping corporate districts.

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