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Whether you just came to Canada or are new to Toronto, finding an apartment can be a long and difficult process. One can easily go through over 100 apartment listings a day, and the good apartments get rented very quickly. In order to view apartments, you will need to stay somewhere temporary while you are looking for a long-term accommodation. We offer an alternative to hotels that unlike hotels offer a full kitchen with over, privacy and bigger suites for 30%-40% less than hotel rates.

The suites can accommodate up to 2 people and include everything one might need for comfortable living. Luxury kitchen cabinetry, space-saving furniture, heated floors and balcony will make your stay more than enjoyable. 301 Suites is a family-run business and we take pride in our high quality of hospitality.

Read more about what’s included in each apartment below:

Deluxe Suite

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Master Suite

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Modern Suite